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Updated: Jun 9, 2021


How it all started...


Müllplatz Gäblerstraße
Upcycling-Konstruktion: 2 aufgebockte und verschraubte Trofastregale von IKEA
25.04.21: Upcycling-Konstruktion

Where is the bookshelf actually ?!

At the end of February, we were shocked and sad to find that the old book box had been removed. Actually we just wanted to improve it a bit, but someone was faster ...

Since long mourning is of no use, it was clear that a solution had to be found here: After a successful search with the help of the app, we put together a great team including material. Since spring was initially very cold and rainy, it took a while before we could start.

But then everything happened very quickly: The shelf consists of 2 screwed and jacked Trofast shelves from IKEA.

Die neue Farbe

Alles neu macht der Mai...

So that the new shelf is weatherproof and at the same time fits into the surroundings, we decided on my beautiful May green as the main color.

Das Dach

After the color came the roof. The color coordination with the garbage dump was actually pure coincidence.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun setting it up :) And then we were ready for the end of the day.

Die engagierte Nachbarschaft

01.05.21: Tag der Arbeit

And then it's down to business.

The shelf has been placed ...

Hier wird nichts dem Zufall überlassen

... and balanced by the hard-working neighbors.


So that the shelf doesn't just disappear overnight and also has a secure stand due to the weight (shelf + content), this time we tried to lower it accordingly.

A task that was obviously a lot of fun.

Thanks to the doors and subsequent magnets, the books and other exchange items stay dry.

Endergebnis - mit Türen

Something that takes a long time...

With a lot of sweat, wit and screws, we made it: The exchange box is ready. :)



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