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Updated: Jun 9, 2021


Whether disgusting or fascinating - they live in our insect hotel on the wild meadow. 🪲

We got to know these interesting rhinoceros beetles while building the exchange box.

They are hiding in the bark mulch. It's nice and warm, humid and dark in there.

Incidentally, a beetle larva can take up to 5 years to develop into a fully grown rhinoceros beetle. With a little luck, we were even able to discover such a larva.

So that all beetles get a protected home, they and their larvae were quartered directly in the hotel.

The rhinoceros beetle is a "specially protected" animal species in Germany due to its inclusion in the Federal Species Protection Ordinance.

(§ 1 Satz 1 i. V. m. Anlage 1 BArtSchV)


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