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The centerpiece - THE WILD MEADOW

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

What exactly are they doing there ...?!

The idea is to make the currently unused plot of overgrown land which is approximately 700 sqm, more attractive and inviting for humans, insects and animals.

Over the period from March – May 2021 the neighbourhood project ,' was developed with the aim of creating a green area at the plot of land, protecting the established plants and planting others that are adapted to the local region, safeguarding the habitats that already exist and increasing the planting with insect -friendly plants.

Our aim was to encourage more variety of planting, rather than just the poplars that grow up and are cleared approximately every 3 years. We are hoping the area will create a pleasing environment for both people and insects alike.

In addition we are creating a seating area, which will have a clear demarcation and appropriate signs for the wild meadow, this will be a place where one can relax and watch and enjoy the sounds of nature.

We would like to create everything in a natural style that blends in well with the surrounding meadow.

The project – like the existing “Tauschbox” project - has so far been financed entirely privately by the neighbourhood, so far we do not have any funds or other donations.


Can they just do it like that?

After discussions and consulting with the caretaker, he said the owner has not been sure for the last twelve years what the area would become.

It is important to the group to respect the wishes of the owner and the caretaker as we really appreciate being able to use this plot for the insect Hotel. So we have decided to follow these principles where possible:

  1. Nothing is erected, removed, drilled or anything else without first discussing the project

  2. Nothing is attached to the house walls. (No drilling etc.)

  3. Everything that is built must be pleasing to the eye and fit into the natural area, for example. (No flashy colours )

  4. No projects are undertaken that could subsequently disturb the tranquility of the neighborhood. (No table tennis table, no soccer field)

  5. All structures must removed, if the owner or caretaker request it.

A meeting with the property management will follow.

So far we have not had any meetings.


The design

So that everyone gets an idea of what exactly we are planning to do with the area, here is our design:

area Gäblerstraße/Schmohlstraße

Since the basic idea is to have a large, insect-friendly meadow, we want to ensure that we as humans only take up a small part of the area at the edge. The area we use has now received a wonderful and, above all, comfortable wave lounger - "the bee". We have also started planting around the lounger. The slightly larger area is intended for perennials that can cope with the very sandy soil.


What have we achieved so far?

  • Rubbish removed

  • Piling up of a natural insect hotel made from cuttings from the clearing

  • Information signs attached to the fence

  • several sowings distributed between March and May

  • Construction and painting of the wave lounger 'the bee'

  • first planting around 'the bee'

  • Create a path to 'the bee' from bark mulch


What do we want to achieve?

  • Complete the planting around 'the bee'

  • Equip the area next to the house wall with bark mulch and stepping stones

  • build a natural memory with a wooden frame for toddlers - more information will follow

  • complete the path

  • watering place for birds and insects

  • keep poplar growth small in future

  • In future, check the meadow for rubbish and remove it if necessary

  • Create a rock garden


What do we need for that?

  • committed neighbors, who enjoy creating something together

  • vigilant neighbors who keep an eye on the area and also like to speak to strangers in a friendly manner - who do not behave according to the normal rules of conduct

  • Plants that could find their place on the wild meadow - either planted yourself or given to us; we are happy to do it

  • Plants and soil for the rock garden

  • suitable stones for the rock garden

Those who cannot actively help with digging, but would love to be involved, are welcome to support us in any way they can with materials or scraps of wood, stones, or financial donations.

We always have new ideas that we can use support for.

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