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Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We are very pleased that the wild meadow has already increased significantly in plants. Some of our crops have actually grown successfully.

So that we can all enjoy the beauty of our wild meadow better in the future, we have decided to give her a large BEE.


How do you build a bee?

You take ...

  • a couple of committed neighbors

  • loads of wood and screws

  • a nice guide from your favorite local hardware store

  • Knowledge of wood and its processing

  • a nice weatherproof bee color

  • Tools

  • great kids helping paint

  • as well as great weather

... and the fun can begin.

If you want to build a bee yourself -> we will be happy to reveal where the instructions can be found on request.


Here are our pictures. We wish you a lot of fun while lying comfortably:

... By the way: After the planting, we had the first bee to sit on the sunflower. 🐝

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