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Thank you & What happens next?

Updated: Mar 12, 2022

First of all...

A huge THANK YOU to all helpers, supporters and the guests of our celebration on June 30th, 2021! Despite the surprising heavy rain after such a long drought, we set up our stands. Thanks to weatherproof clothing, we actually lasted a few hours, had nice conversations and had a lot of fun.

There was also a bee tree from the beekeeper Honig Micha, which was planted directly in a suitable place.

We could be sad now that it rained on that day of all times, but quite the opposite: We are happy about the rain on our wild meadow and the green areas around it. The trees and plants urgently needed it.

So in the end it remains to say: We are very happy about the success and hope everyone enjoyed it :)


For everyone who didn't have time to visit us or stayed away due to the weather, we have good news:

We will have our party again!

When? after the summer holidays

When exactly is still being organized. As soon as it is certain, we will announce it again by means of a poster and an entry on the website.


Before we show you the beautiful pictures, we want to briefly introduce you to the next projects:

  • a nature memory (of course self-made)

  • a rock garden

  • a event, where the children can help design stepping stones

  • a learning board

  • a barefoot path

  • a backyard flea market

  • a Bambini run through the neighborhood (children's race)

  • summer party

With these projects we want to support the sense of community and make the neighborhood more lively.


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