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Summer, Sun, Sunshine

Or: You might be asking yourself, if we're might be still here. It's so quiet...

Spoiler: Yes, we are :)

Nature makes true miracles and transforms the brown barren land into a real little sea of flowers. 🌷

Ok, with a little help ;) But still, the result is worth seeing.

In recent months, our wild meadow has turned into a summer jungle, where many animals have found their home. Guests of the meadow could watch bees and bumblebees approaching the wonderful spring flower bed. 🐝

And new and bigger animals also find our meadow exciting and come to visit regularly.


Spring on the Wildwiese

Frühjahrsblüher auf der Wildwiese in Weißensee
Frühling auf der Wildwiese

Thank you 💚

At this point we would like to thank all visitors and helpers of the spring festival on 07.05.2022. It was a great day with lots of sunshine and good vibes!

Thank you very much for the delicious cake and the bratwursts, for the super rolls from the Kiezbakery Sonnenwinkel, the help with the set-up and take-down, to the hard-working gardeners, for the nice flea market, the games with the children, etc.

We hope you all enjoyed it and that we will meet again at the next festival.


What is standing there on the meadow…?

Tauschbox mit neuen Türen
Tauschbox mit neuen Türen

It was a little quieter with us - especially on the website - but we have not been idle. We have been busy working and repairing.

The exchange box has received new doors. The storm finally destroyed the doors. A quick solution was needed.

Thanks to your generous donations, we have been tinkering with a - hopefully longer-term - solution. We know that the solution is not 100% perfect, but we still hope that it will protect the books from wind & weather. In any case, the box is being used diligently, which makes us very happy.

And our nature memory has also gained more spin thanks to the little wooden balls.

The fallen pictures (we were able to collect them all) have regained their place and have been marveled at by curious children's eyes for a while now. 🐞🐌

Have you tried it yet? Come by and see who wins.


From the pallets we have made two really great raised beds. Wonderfully painted with the help of the children at the spring festival. We have real artists among us. Thumbs up! We are curious if and what will grow there.

Currently we are working on the design of a stone herb garden. Here should grow herbs and other plants that survive the summer heat and do not need to be watered 2x a day.

Who still has plants left or would like to get rid of any offshoots, we gladly take them :)

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