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Spring is coming

Blick auf die Biene
Blick auf die Biene

The winter is now gradually over and we welcome the following spring with big steps :)

We are very happy that things can really get going again soon. But do not think that we have been idle in the last few months. Even if we didn't officially inform you via the website or other media like, we were busy bees.

Below you can find out exactly what has happened since the last post and, above all, what is happening and what is coming soon...


What have we done?


First of all, we have completed our memory. With the wonderful pictures from Natur im Bild GmbH, small and large children could play with their parents from late summer. Among other things, there was the robin and of course our rhinoceros beetles (as a reminder here is the article:

All animals have already been spotted in our wild meadow.


Some of you will surely remember: After our summer festival fell through, we celebrated our autumn festival with you on October 2nd, 2021.

With the most glorious sunshine, sausages and flea market stands, we finally got to know each other personally.

Die ersten Frühjahrsblüher 2022
Die ersten Frühjahrsblüher 2022

In addition to this, in autumn we started thinking about the coming spring. Thanks to the active support of neighbors, numerous flower bulbs were buried, which are now gradually conjuring up small spring bloomers in the most magnificent colors.

Thank you again for the donations and the work you have done! We are very happy about it and are watching the flowers grow. :)

A barrier was even thought of so that nobody accidentally hits a small plant with their shoe. Please be so kind and don't cross the barrier so that everyone can enjoy the spectacular spring show.

By the way: We would also be happy to receive nice pictures that we can use for the website ;)


What happened to the rock garden?

Unfortunately, our rock garden hasn't made it yet. Winter, Corona, periods of illness and many other things didn't make it easy for us. Maybe with a bit of luck we'll make it this year. Nevertheless, we have more great news that we don't want to withhold from you...


What's the news now???

Anyone who attentively walked past the meadow today will have noticed that something is not quite right here. And indeed: After all our efforts with the property management elsewhere and cooperation, we made it:

Ein kleiner Bagger räumt auf
Ein kleiner Bagger räumt auf

Something's going on...

The property management of the Schmohlstraße & Co. building arrived today with a small excavator and is helping us to free the area from the larger roots of the annoying poplars. At the end, grass seeds are spread over the dug area, as well as wildflower seeds. So if that isn't a complete success, then I don't know what is.

We are very happy about it and feel vindicated that our actions, big or small, can make a difference!

To celebrate all of this, we want to host a Spring Festival with you. When exactly and how and where and what, we will inform you promptly.

We also congratulate you, who so many support and cheer for our work. Let's enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the spring bloomers grow from the sunbed.

By the way, the bee is so popular on some days that we are almost thinking about building a second one ;)

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