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30.06.21 - We want to CELEBRATE with you!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

For months we have put a lot of work, time and money into this project and we think:

It should be celebrated!


Here are the key data:

When? 30.06.2021

When exactly? from 3 pm on

And where? Meeting point at the exchange box

What can I expect there? friendly neighbors, activities for the Children (see

below), a little BBQ buffet and a few drinks (so long

stocks last)

Should I bring something? We would be happy to see your plates, cutlery and

bring your own glasses. The aim is garbage to avoid.

Therefore there will be no plastic/cardboard / wooden

crockery, cutlery and cups from give us provided.

If you want to, of course, you are welcome to bring food or drinks with you. We are very happy about the support. After all, it's a neighborhood festival too :)


Your Wildwiesen team


To the children's activities:

We'd love to paint a big white bedsheet in bright colors with the kids to cover up the graffiti. If your children want to take part, please pay attention to appropriate clothing. Thanks a lot!


Addition: If you found your way to us via the bees -> Don't panic: It is a chalk spray (Erasable Chalk Paint), which can be washed off by the rain over time.


sprayed bee

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